May 19th, 2016

Dear Dr. Wong,

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for your wonderful program. My mother was a lucky recipient of the love and care that flows from your health care system.  And I was the lucky family member who benefitted immensely from the coordination of services, and complete cordial organization of my mother’s wellbeing.  I’m not kidding, I could hug all of you!  And the lovely sympathy card signed by all was so indicative of the thoughtfulness your team puts into their jobs.  I am particularly enjoyed the poem on the card, and as my mother’s ashes are sprinkled into Lake Superior my family will reread these words.

My best to you, Dr. Wong. Thank you again for the excellent care you gave my mom.  She was indeed “set in her ways”, but you extended her life greatly by monitoring her meds so well, and using good judgement in all aspects of health care.

I am sending this to you, the head of the program, and I also have equal respect for every other care giver in PACE who touched my mother’s life.


Robin Remick

We will have a unique perspective this semester in the classroom because of this hands-on interprofessional experience. This tangible experience was incredibly valuable and we will take what we learned as we start our careers. Because of this experience, we will be advocates for interprofessional care as we transition into our fields after graduation. This experience reinforced that PACE is an effective model for delivering care and how important it is to have exposure to other disciplines – it will help in our own practice. It was fascinating to see each ESP team member’s expertise and contribution to the patient. Participating in team meeting discussions – particularly witnessing the problem-solving skills demonstrated by the team – was helpful.

Graduate Students

What an amazing art show held at the center on January 28th. It was such a thrill for my mom to see her paintings on display and to hear people giving her praise. What a treat it was to see beyond the years of the clients at PACE and to receive a glimpse of who they really are and how talented.

Elizabeth Along, Participant's Daughter

Through Harbor Health Elder Service Plan, my father-in-law is seeing Dr. Wong every day, at each facility, and she is providing overall coordination. Dr. Wong’s compassion, knowledge of his situation, and ability to adjust scenarios at each place has already made for a smoother experience for Russ. His confidence in how he is being handled seems higher each day.

From my vantage point, I am grateful that we found PACE and that we found ESP at HHS in particular. Russ is crafting the relationships he needs to adequately manage his care, and that is a quality of experience he was not getting elsewhere.

Participant's Daughter-in-law

We were well into our journey of Alzheimer’s when my husband was enrolled in the Harbor Health Elder Services Plan in Dec 2009.

ESP is not just an adult day program. It is an all-encompassing plan for care with the goal to keep your loved one at home where surroundings are familiar and they are loved.

We were privileged to have had a team working with us…his doctors, therapists, nurses (both at the center and in home), dietitian, a group to evaluate our home (to be sure it was safe), the transportation team, a home health aide and the aides at the center who truly love and care for people. The whole team (including me met on a regular basis to review the past changes and map out plans for the next few months. This plan and support team gave me the strength and encouragement needed to continue my husband’s care at home.

The last week when my husband was home with ESP hospice service, the care was outstanding. The team was in constant contact with us to provide comfort care for my husband and encouragement and support for me and our family. I cannot thank everyone enough at ESP for their care and concern for my husband and me.

Helen Deery

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